What tax should you be paying, how do you update your taxable status and how do you request a refund for incorrectly charged tax.

What taxes do I have to pay?

AskAI Ltd is based in the UK, we, therefore, have to charge UK sales tax (VAT) at a rate of 20% to any B2C (Consumer) user globally and any B2B users based in the UK.

If you are a business outside of the UK, you may not have to pay this sales tax (this will depend on your location).

How do I ensure I am paying the correct tax?

At sign up

To ensure your tax is calculated correctly on your subscription ensure you provide your Tax ID at the checkout screen on sign up.

If you've already signed up

If you are already a My AskAI user and are being charged tax then you can update your Tax ID like this:

  1. Go to Account settings > Billing then click on "Manage subscription on Stripe".

  1. Click "Update information"

  1. Click Tax ID

  1. Search for and select the country you are taxable in.

  1. Enter your Tax ID in the respective field.

  1. Enter your address fully then click Save. Your ID will now be updated and you will be only charged your respective tax rate.

I was charged tax when I shouldn't have been

If you have updated your Tax ID in Stripe and have previously been charged tax by us, then you can request a refund of the tax charged to date. Please contact us via chat and we will arrange the refund for you.

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