⚑Starter actions

Starter actions let users take quick actions, like booking a demo call, where you can define a specific webpage for them to open.

Available on all plans

These Customizations are only available in the My AskAI widget, if you are using our Intercom, Zendesk or HubSpot integrations you will have to customize your widget within their respective platforms.

To create a new Starter Action, just go to your Dashboard > Chatbot setup > Customization > Starter actions and click "Add new starter action".

From there you will be asked to give the Starter action a:

  • Title - this will be what the user sees first, as a button within your starter questions

  • Description - the user sees this after they click the 1st button, you can use this to provide more information

  • Button copy/text - the button used to take the user to whatever URL you choose

  • Destination URL - where you want to take the user once they have clicked the starter action button, this could be a booking page, a pricing page or anything else you can think of.

Then, once you have completed these you save your action and then test it out in the Chat playground.

You can have a maximum of 3 starter questions or actions (or any mixture thereof).

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