Exceeding limits

Find out what happens when you go over your conversation limit within a month on your AskAI.

What happens if I go over or exceed my monthly conversation quota, limit or allowance?

Essentials Plan

If you are on an Essentials plan, then your AI chatbot will display a message saying that it is unavailable and that the user should choose the "Talk to a person" option.

You can then choose to either upgrade to a Pro plan or wait until the quote resets at the start of the next billing cycle.

Pro Plan

If you are on a Pro plan, then by default you have "Flex" turned on.

Flex allows your AI chatbot to continue responding when you go beyond your conversation limits, each conversation beyond your account limit is charged at $0.10 and are charged in the next month's invoice or on cancellation.

Can I disable Flex?

If you wish to disable flex on your account then you can do so by going to Account Settings, and clicking "Disable flex", if you do this, when you exceed your account limits then a message will be displayed saying that the AI chatbot is unavailable and that the user should choose the "Talk to a person" option to contact your company.

Can I limit the number of conversations asked by employees?

There are no ways to currently limit conversations from employees, if this is an issue for you, please contact us at team@myaskai.com.

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