We work with Quickblox to provide HIPAA compliant AI chatbots to enhance your healthcare practice and the way you engage with your patients.

Quickblox is a trusted My AskAI partner for providing HIPAA-compliant AI chatbots.

You can build your HIPAA-compliant AI chatbot here πŸ‘‡

Quickblox HIPAA-compliant AI chatbots relieve your medical and administrative staff by providing 24/7 support and virtual chatbots.

What makes Quickblox HIPAA AI Chatbots different from other AI chatbots?

  • They are offered with a Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

  • They allow you to control your data and where it is stored

  • They are fully encrypted

They also offer options for dedicated servers, extra security layers, and dedicated support.

Where can I deploy the Quickblox HIPAA-compliant AI chatbot?

  • As an embeddable widget on my existing healthcare platform

  • As part of Quickblox's white-label solution: Q-Consultation

  • Integrated into your healthcare app with SDKs, APIs, or UI kits

Get your Quickblox HIPAA-compliant AI chatbot here πŸ‘‡

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