You can customize almost everything on your AI support agent to match your brand, from colours and questions to the way your AI agent behaves when a user lands on your site.

These Customizations are only available in the My AskAI widget, if you are using our Intercom, Zendesk or HubSpot integrations you will have to customize your widget within their respective platforms.

How to Customize Your AI Chatbot

You can customize your AI agent to match your business brand with just a few clicks, just head to Chatbot setup > Customization:

Starter questions

These are the questions your customers and visitors will see when they first see your widget, you could make them your most common questions or questions you want them to ask or even to direct them to something topical for your company.

Company name

This is the name that will appear at the top of your AI chatbot, followed by "support assistant", it is also used so your AI knows who it works for!

This will be used for your AI's logo when it interacts with your customer or visitor.

Brand colour

This is the colour that will be used for your widget's menu bar, user icon and fonts.

Welcome message

This is the first message a customer or visitor sees when they open your widget, you could use it to say hello, to give the user a little more information or tell them what sorts of things they should ask your AI chatbot.

Remove branding

You can also remove our branding if you want for $49/mo.

Widget behaviour

To tweak how your widget behaves, go to Integrations > Add to your website:

Chat widget

  • Auto-open: You can make your AI chatbot auto-open for new users on a page, and also select the length of time it will open after, it will only do this for 1st-time visitors.

  • Pulsate: Your chat icon will "pulse" in the bottom corner of the page for 10 seconds (or until opened), to draw more attention to it, again this will only be for 1st-time visitors.

  • Animated chat icon: Your chat icon will have a subtle animation, again to draw attention to it for the user.

  • Chat icon color: Edit the color of the chat icon to match your brand, just choose your HEX code.

Chat embed

  • Live chat widget visibility: You can choose if you want us to hide your live chat widget by default, until someone asks to talk to a person with your AskAI.

Can I modify the CSS of the My AskAI widget?

Currently, you cannot modify or style the CSS of the My AskAI widget, please get in touch with us via chat if you have a specific requirement you'd like to discuss.

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