❓AI answers on your content

The most powerful feature of My AskAI is its ability to turn your help or support documentation and website into a live AI customer support agent that is available 24/7 to answer user questions.

How many pieces of content can my AI support agent use in its answer?

Your AI agent will look over all the webpages and content you add, and identify the 4 most relevant pieces of text from them to use to answer your question. This means that the answer will reference at most 4 different webpages, but it may only reference 1 if all pieces of text came from the same webpage.

Do you answer based on multiple pages or pieces of content?

Yes, when you ask a question the most relevant text is taken from across all your webpages at once to find the pieces that can be used to answer your question. This could mean that it answers based on a single webpage, multiple webpages, or across 4 or more separate webpages.

How long are the answers?

The length of answers varies depending on:

  • The webpages and content you have uploaded.

  • The complexity of your question.

In short - it depends!

What content can I add to my AI support agent?

The following content can be added to your AI agent to "train" it:

  • Websites (publicly accessible)

  • Documents have a 30Mb limit and the following file types can be uploaded:

    • pdf

    • xlsx

    • csv

      • For csv files, each row resides on its own line, and each element within the row has the header of its corresponding column added to it as a prefix.

    • docx

    • txt

    • md

    • rtf

    • tsv

    • pptx

    • mp3

    • mp4 (audio only)

    • mp2

    • aac

    • wav

    • flac

    • pcm

    • m4a

    • ogg

    • opus

    • webm

  • Google Drive, up to 10Mb per file

  • OneDrive, up to 10Mb per file

  • Notion

  • Zendesk

  • Intercom

  • Freshdesk

  • Confluence

  • Dropbox

  • SharePoint

  • SalesForce

  • Gitbook

You can add up to 10,000 pieces of content across these connections, please contact us via chat if you need more.


Will it output page numbers in the references and sources?

Your AI support agent is unable to output page numbers currently, this is in part because we do not store any of the documents you upload to our servers.

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