🔁SiteSync — Adding & syncing your website content

My AskAI's SiteSync feature ensures that your AskAI is always automatically up to date with your website and help documentation.

Each week (on all plans) we re-scrape your webpages and add them to your AskAI to ensure the AI's content is always up to date.

Our paid plans also look for and add new pages to your AskAI each week, this is not available on free plans.

How many pages do you add?

On all paid plans there is no limit (subject to fair use) to the number of pages that are added and by default we will look for up to 2,500 pages per site.

Free plans are limited to 500 pages (refreshed weekly).

PlanPage Limit









Can I add more subdomains or sites?

Yes, all paid plans allow you to add additional sub-domains and sites, free plans are limited to one site and one subdomain.

Just enter your site URL and click "Add new site".

How do I see which pages have been added to my AskAI?

To see the pages added, just click on each URL in your Website Content section and you'll see a pop-up with a list of all the webpages from that URL

Can I add individual webpages to my AskAI?

Yes, you can, just go to your Dashboard > Chatbot setup > Knowledge then click on the domain you want to add the site to, and at the top of the pop-up you will see an option to add a new page (we'll check for duplicates too so you don't add multiple versions of the same page).

The webpage(s) will then be included in any future Site syncs.

Can I refresh or update webpages before the weekly sync?

Yes, you can, just go to your Dashboard > Chatbot setup > Knowledge then click on the domain that has the individual page you want to refresh, then from the pop-up, find the page you want to refresh and click the refresh icon next to the page, we'll then force a manual re-sync of that page.

Can I delete individual webpages?

At the moment, you're not able to delete individual pages, as all pages on your website are automatically added every week when your website is re-synced with your AskAI.

Please message us if you need a page deleted that no longer exists on your website.

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