Connect your AI chatbot to your HubSpot account and existing HubSpot live chat widget on your website.

You can now integrate your AI chatbot directly into HubSpot for a seamless AI chatbot experience.

The HubSpot integration is available on all paid plans, see pricing.

What are the benefits of using My AskAI within HubSpot?

There are several reasons why you should use your My AskAI within HubSpot:

  • You get access to an intelligent AI chatbot, directly within HubSpot that can automatically and instantly answer user or visitor queries, using your company knowledgebase.

  • You can add more knowledge to your AI chatbot in addition to your website and HubSpot help center by using our connections or file uploads.

  • You don't have to add any code to your site to get your chatbot live, just connect our app and you're ready to go.

  • Every AI answer is provided with "References" to the sources used to answer the question under "Learn more" at the end of each answer.

  • As well as an AI chatbot, you get all our other features like Insights, Email Assistant, Site Search, Private (Internal) mode, Integrations with Slack and more.

How to use your AI chatbot within HubSpot

How to connect your AI chatbot to HubSpot

You must be a Super Admin to install an app in a HubSpot account

  1. Login to your Dashboard and go to Chatbot setup > Integrations.

  2. Once enabled you will see "Live Chat apps" appear, click on the HubSpot icon.

  1. Then click the "Connect your HubSpot account" button.

Messages from your AI chatbot will be sent from the account/user that is used to login to HubSpot and connect with My AskAI. e.g. AI responses will appear to come from an agent.

You can create a separate account for this if you’d like to customise the name or image of the AI chatbot.

  1. If you're not logged into HubSpot, this will open an authorizations/permissions screen. Click "Sign in to your HubSpot account".

  2. Select your HubSpot account and click "Choose Account", you'll then be asked to confirm the connection and be redirected back to My AskAI.

  1. Your AskAI is now connected to HubSpot and will be providing "note" responses, that only agents can see. You can set the AI agent to reply directly to customers.

How can I use my AI chatbot within HubSpot?

There are 2 ways you can use your AI chatbot within HubSpot:

How to set up and activate the fully automated AI support agent

  1. Toggle conversational replies "on" by going to your Dashboard then Chatbot setup > Integrations > HubSpot clicking the "Reply directly to customers" toggle.

  1. (Highly Recommended - but optional) - Disable your β€œKnowledge base search” within any β€œChatflows”

  2. (Recommended - but optional) - Change your chat to show as "available 24/7" and don't show "Typical reply time", you can get to this from: Conversations (drop down) > Inbox > Inbox Settings > Channels: Chat > β€˜Edit’

  3. That's it! Your Hubspot live chat will now automatically respond to user queries using your AI chatbot's knowledge.

How to enable draft AI support replies for agent within HubSpot

You can set the chatbot to automatically create AI note responses for your agents to use instead of replying directly to the user.

  1. Toggle note replies "on" by going to your Dashboard then Chatbot setup > Integrations > Hubspot clicking the "Reply with 'notes' for admins" toggle.

  1. That's it, now when someone talks with your HubSpot you will see the AI response appear as a note you can use to help with your reply.

How can I stop draft notes from being generated for a conversation?

To stop draft notes from being generated for a conversation, just add a comment to the conversation with:

Stop writing AI notes

This must be written as a 'Comment' and not a 'Reply', otherwise the customer will see this.

You can create this as a Snippet in HubSpot

How does human handover work when using the HubSpot integration?

If, at any time, the user wishes to be passed over to a person to continue the conversation, all they need to do is say so, saying "Talk to a person" (or similar words to that effect).

Once the conversation is passed over to the human, the AI will not respond again until the agent hands back control to the AI or the ticket is closed.

When the AI chatbot cannot answer a question, it will also prompt the user to type "Talk to a person" to make it obvious they can speak to a person.

As part of the handover, the chatbot will summarize the conversation so the agent can pick up where the user left off so there is no repetition or frustration.

How can I take control from or give control to the AI assistant?

You can give control or take back control from the AI at any time, here's how:

To take control of a conversation

Just reply to any open conversation as an admin/agent and the conversation's control will be taken from the AI assistant.

To give control to the AI chatbot

  1. Create a Snippet with the below message. The underlined text must be included. The remaining text can be customized. Hi there, I'll pass youback to our AI assistant for any further questions.

  1. Use the snippet in conversation by Inserting it into the conversation and pressing "Send".

How can I add my chatbot as part of a triaged workflow in HubSpot?

  1. Turn on the toggle switch for Workflow/Triage settings

  1. Decide on a trigger phrase to use for your AI workflow handover button, type it into the field below the toggle switch and include this as the text in a button in your workflow (example workflow below for "Chat with AI assistant" as the trigger phrase)

This phrase must exactly match the pre-defined button you are going to use in your workflow message.

  1. "Disable open responses" in your initial welcome message workflow.

  2. Your AI assistant will now only begin responding after the AI chat button has been pressed.

How can I stop the AI agent from replying to specific phrases?

To stop your AI agent from replying to a specific set of phrases, share with us a list of the phrases you would like to block via email and we will update your bot with these.

(Available on Pro accounts and above).

Will the AI chatbot reply to messages in other HubSpot channels e.g. Facebook or via email?

Your AI chatbot in HubSpot will only reply to messages sent to the LiveChat widget, it won’t work with customer messages sent to other channels e.g. via email or Facebook Messenger.

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