Connect your AI chatbot to Slack so your team can get answers to questions from your knowledge base where they work, without having to CTRL+F anything in search.

Available as an add-on for paid plans

How to connect to Slack

  1. Add the My AskAI app for Slack to your Workspace

This step needs to be done by a Workspace Owner.

  1. Get your AskAI's ID and API Key

Go to Chatbot setup > Integrations > Slack & Teams and click the Slack icon then copy your AskAI's ID and API Key.

  1. Add your AskAI's ID and API Key to Slack

    1. Select the My AskAI app within Slack

    2. Select 'Connect My AskAI'

    3. Input the ID and API Key, from step 3, into the popup within Slack

    4. Select 'Submit' to save these settings

  1. Ask your first question with the /askAI command

You and your team can start asking questions to your AI support agent in any channel with the /askAI command, followed by your question.

You can also use the /askAI-help command, for more help at any time.

e.g. /askAI what is our refund policy?

You can then ask follow-up questions within the same Slack thread and start a conversation with your AskAI. If you want to ask a question in a private channel, you need to add @askai to your channel. Just tag @askai and then select "Invite".

Your Slack bot will not search your Slack history.

You can't change the name of the Slack Bot from "My AskAI" currently.

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