Zendesk (Messaging)

Connect your AI chatbot to your Zendesk account and existing Zendesk Messaging, live chat, widget on your website.

You can now integrate your AI chatbot directly into Zendesk Messaging for a seamless AI chatbot experience.

The Zendesk Messaging integration is available on all paid My AskAI plans, see our pricing. All Zendesk Messaging bot integrations require you to have Sunshine Conversations access and usage purchased or included in your Zendesk plan. If you would like to learn more about purchasing Sunshine Conversations, please speak directly with Zendesk who will be happy to help.

What are the benefits of using My AskAI within Zendesk Messaging?

There are several reasons why you should use your My AskAI within Zendesk Messaging:

  • You get access to an intelligent AI chatbot, directly within Zendesk Messaging that can automatically and instantly answer user or visitor queries, using your company knowledgebase.

  • You can add more knowledge to your AI chatbot in addition to your website and Zendesk help center by using our connections or file uploads.

  • You don't have to add any code to your site to get your chatbot live, just connect our app and you're ready to go.

  • Every AI answer is provided with "References" to the sources used to answer the question under "Learn more" at the end of each answer.

  • You can add your AI chatbot to Zendesk's other messaging channels e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and many more

  • As well as an AI chatbot, you get all our other features like Insights, Email Assistant, Site Search, Private (Internal) mode, Integrations with Slack and more.

How to connect your AI chatbot to Zendesk Messaging

  1. Login to your Dashboard and go to Chatbot setup > Integrations.

  2. Once enabled you will see "Live Chat apps" appear, click on the Zendesk icon.

  1. Click to connect your Zendesk account:

  1. If you have multiple Zendesk account, you will need to input your Zendesk subdomain, which you can find by looking at the URL of your Admin Center or Agent Dashboard e.g. (the text in blue is the subdomain): https://teammyaskai.zendesk.com

  2. Enter your subdomain and click "Sign in"

  1. Allow access to your Zendesk account

  1. You'll then be shown a "Connecting to Zendesk" screen, which will take a few seconds, once connected you will be redirected back to My AskAI.

  2. Once back at My AskAI, you will be shown instructions to help you "Configure your Zendesk account"

  3. Go to your Zendesk Admin Center, click Channels > Bots > Manage Bots then select 'Connect' beside the My AskAI bot and 'Connect' again on the pop-up.

  1. After tickets have been 'Solved' they need to be moved to 'Closed', so that the AI assistant can take control of the conversation again. There are two ways you can do this.

    1. Go to Objects and rules > Automations, and find the existing automation called "Close ticket 4 days". Edit the "Hours since status..." field to 1 (recommended, but you can choose your own value). This means after tickets are solved, they will be closed within an hour and control returned to the AI assistant.

    2. If you want to immediately pass back control to the AI assistant when a ticket has been solved, then you will need to set up a 'Trigger'. To do this, go to Objects and rules > Triggers > Create trigger. Create the following trigger: Trigger name: Auto-Close Solved Ticket Description: Close a ticket that has been marked as solved Category: Ticket Status (you may have to + Add Category if this is not already available) Conditions: Meet ALL of the following conditions: Ticket > Status category | IS | Solved Actions: Ticket Status > category | Closed

  1. Go back to AskAI and click the "I've completed these steps" button.

  2. Customize the appearance of your AI chatbot by naming it and giving it a logo. This name and logo will appear within the Zendesk Messaging widget when your AI assistant is replying.

  1. You're all done! Ask questions to your new AI agent within your Zendesk Messaging widget and see how it responds.

How can I use my AI chatbot within Zendesk Messaging?

Once you've connected the My AskAI chatbot within your Zendesk Admin Centre, it will automatically start responding to user's questions within the Zendesk Messaging chat widget.

With each question, it will provide the reference links used to answer the question, along with suggested follow-up questions and an option to talk to a person.

How does human handover work when using the Zendesk Messaging integration?

If, at any time, the user wishes to be passed over to a person to continue the conversation, all they need to do is say so, saying "Talk to a person" (or similar words to that effect) or just press the "Talk to someone" button at the end of the most recent message.

Once the conversation is passed over to the human, the AI will not respond again until the agent hands back control to the AI or the ticket is closed.

As part of the handover, the chatbot will summarize the conversation so the agent can pick up where the user left off so there is no repetition or frustration.

How can I stop the AI agent from replying to specific phrases?

To stop your AI agent from replying to a specific set of phrases, share with us a list of the phrases you would like to block via email and we will update your bot with these.

(Available on Pro accounts and above).

How do I remove my Zendesk Messaging AI chatbot?

  1. Go to your Zendesk Admin Center, click Channels > Bots > Manage Bots and look for 'My AskAI' (at the bottom)

  1. Click the 3 dots next to the 'Connect' button, then select 'Uninstall':

  1. On the pop-up, click to confirm the Uninstall:

  1. Your My AskAI bot will now disappear from your 'Channels' view and you will have fully removed and disconnected your AI chatbot.

How can I add my AI chatbot to other channels that Zendesk offers? E.g. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger

Your AI chatbot will work with any additional messaging channels you connect​ it to within Zendesk Messaging. The messaging channels available are:

  • WhatsApp

  • Instagram DMs

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Unity

  • LINE

  • Slack

  • WeChat

  • Twitter/X DMs

It will retain all the same features of the AI chatbot, including human handover, but within the respective platforms.

Refer to Zendesk's instructions on how to get each channel set-up with your AI chatbot.

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