🌍Supported languages

Content can be uploaded in any language, however currently AI chatbots can only respond in English.

Can I upload non-English content and websites?

Websites and content can be uploaded in any language.

Can I ask questions or chat in other languages?

If you ask a question your AI chatbot will only be able to answer in English. Unfortunately, we do not currently support other languages for conversations.

Your AI chatbot may be able to respond occasionally in other languages but will not consistently do so, so if this is a primary concern and the majority of your conversations are non-English then My AskAI may not be right for you.

Can I localize my AI chatbot?

We also are unable to localize the UI (i.e. change the language of any visible text elements in the UI). You are however able to change the Starter Questions and Welcome Message text.

If you have a language request then you can add it to our feature request board here.

I need an AI chatbot that can respond in other languages and be localized

Our Classic My AskAI product can do both of these things, if this is important to you, you could try it out, just bear in mind the differences between the two.

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